Cimory Riverside


Cimory Riverside restaurant that I have visited before is located at Jln. Raya Puncak, Bogor. There are two Cimory restaurants you can find on the way to Puncak and they are easy to find because their location is on the side of the road.

Cimory’s main well known product is fresh milk. Unfortunately, I did not buy its milk because I was so full after eating the main course :)). My friend, Destrianus, who bought the milk before commented on the milk, “The milk is so good. If you want to drink the milk at home for the next days, I think you have to keep it on the refrigerator”. *Of course! 😀

Well… although I haven’t tried the milk, at least I tried its delicious snack and main course. I ordered tape, ‘sosis hot plate’ (I don’t really know the name), and chocolate with ice cream on the top. So yummy!

Talking about the price, it’s quite expensive (Rp40.000-Rp60.000 for a main course). But I think the price is comparable with the food quality. Moreover, you can enjoy the mountain view from this place. I suggest you visiting this place in day time because (experiencing my visit at night when I could only see the house lamps in the hills) I think you will see more scenery in day time. *It can be a different opinion: if you want a romantic dinner with your couple, I will suggest going to this place at night then. :p

Overall, Cimory Riverside restaurant is worth to visit!

           yummy tape snack                           the main course


Hot plate


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