Sam Poo Kong

The main temple. *Captured by 3N.

The main temple.
*Captured by 3N.

Sam Poo Kong is a Chinese temple located at Jln. Simongan Raya near Ahmad Yani airport (Semarang).

Initially, the temple was built to memorize Cheng Ho, a Chinese warlord who did a voyage of peace at that time. Nowadays, many people come to this temple not only for praying, but also for a recreation.

The first time I arrived there, “Wow, it’s so hot!”. The sun heated my skin very well in that afternoon. I continued walking to buy some tickets. A ticket for domestic tourist is cheaper than a ticket for foreign tourist. After paying the tickets, I started my trip!

Cheng Ho statue.

Cheng Ho statue.

In front of the temple, you will see a giant bronze statue of Cheng Ho. It is 10,7 meters high (Some said it is the highest statue in southeast Asia). Based on the information I’ve heard, this giant statue was imported by China. Wow, I wonder how they brought the statue to Indonesia… Was it by ship? Or was it by plane? *Who knows :p

Smaller temple. *Captured by 3N.

Smaller temple.
*Captured by 3N.

Going further to the temple, I found a smaller temple beside the main temple. In this area, the hio smelled very strong so that I quickly moved to the main temple (but unfortunately the hio in the main temple smelled stronger, haha).


The carving wall. *Captured by 3N.

The carving wall.
*Captured by 3N.

In the back of the main temple, there is a unique wall with carving on it. The carving tells us the story when Cheng Ho arrived in Simongan.

I enjoyed visiting this place because it gave me more knowledge about the history of the temple, Tionghoa religion, and also the treasure of the temple itself.


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