The Power Of Dreaming

dream-content-analysisSome people get through their lives simply just like water following the river.

Some others do their lives with an obsession. These people are climbing on the high rock wall.

Who do you think will survive?

Maybe both, but mostly the latter is dominantly survive well.

Have you ever felt your life was always bored? How was it?

I have felt it and it was pretty bad. What I had to do were just routine activities, no challenging life so I got bored easily. This situation created a self destruction for me, grumbling how unuseful I was.

Dreaming is the only wayout for this situation (for me). Many people may think, “What is the advantage of dreaming?” or many people may advice, “Don’t dream high, or you will fall so badly”. To the people, I will say, “I WILL DEFINITELY DREAM HIGH!”.

When I’m dreaming, I have something to desire.

When I’m dreaming, I have a goal to achieve.

When I’m dreaming, I feel the new me who can make something I imagine to happen in my life.

Dreaming creates a power to wake me up from a suffered life. It is a start line to make a challenging life, moreover dreaming doesn’t cost any rupiahs. So why don’t I dream?

Here are some dreaming rules that I have:

1. Dream high. With God, nothing  is impossible.

2. Dream logically. Your ability and your passion are the tools to reach your dream.

3. Dream in details. Use your imagination to describe what your dream is and how you do the dream.

4. Write down what you have dreamt above on a paper, take a look for awhile. And there you have a goal to achieve seriously.

Those are my rules. How about you? 🙂

“I determine my life based on what I dream of. What you see in me now is what I dreamt yesterday, and now I’m dreaming today to see me in the next day”. 


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