Abon Sapi & Gethuk Goreng

Abon Sapi

Abon Sapi

This morning I bought 5 packs of Abon Sapi for my grandma. When you see the picture, it looks like a snack but it is not. :p

Abon Sapi is a side dish which is made from beef fiber. Usually, people eat it with rice and sambal (chili sauce). It tastes very good. A 0,25kg pack of Abon costs Rp40.000 but sometimes you can get the lower price based on your bargaining.

In Salatiga, there are many places to buy Abon Sapi. One of my favorite place is a hidden shop beside Soto Rumput Blotongan. Why is it hidden? Because the place has even no name board in front of the house. This place is not a shop actually so you have to knock the side door that is often opened. In this place, they produce Abon Sapi, Keripik Paru, etc. Mainly they distribute the products to the shops in Salatiga *that’s why the price is cheaper than the shop’s price.

Gethuk Goreng

Gethuk Goreng


This is Gethuk Goreng. My mom brought it home after going to Solo last night. It is a Javanese traditional snack that is made from yam and it tastes very sweet. The package of the snack is completely unique. They put the Gethuks in a bamboo bucket so that it looks so traditional. Trust me, you have to try it! 😀


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