Lawang Sewu


Lawang Sewu is one of the famous historic buildings in Indonesia. It is located in Jln. Pemuda (Tugu Muda), Semarang- Jawa Tengah.

The name of Lawang Sewu is derived from Javanese language (means “Pintu Seribu” in Indonesian, or “A Thousand Doors” in English). And yups, what makes this building well-known is the doors although the number of the doors does not reach to a thousand actually.

The guide.

The guide.

The last time we went there when Yohana and I accompanied my home-stay guests from Singapore travelling to Semarang. There was no parking area in the building area so I had  to park the car in a narrow street beside the building area. After that we walked to the ticket officer and paid for the tickets. Once you visit Lawang Sewu, you are also obliged to pay for the official tour guide fee. That’s the rule. Hmmm…



As we were walking around the building, the guide told us about the history of Lawang Sewu. The building was built in 1904 then it was used as an administrative government office. But years later, it became a military office with its underground prison. You can visit the underground prison with additional charge for the boots. It was so creepy when the guide told us about the prison that in the past, all the prisoners had to squat for living in that prison.




After passing the underground prison, we continued walking to see another part of the building (including the toilet, hahaha).

The museum

The museum


The tour ended when we arrived in Lawang Sewu museum. In the museum, we saw many pictures, building sketch, and equipment that exhibited the history of the building (re)construction.


Woww… I am so amazed of the building’s history and definitely I will look for another chances to visit this place again :D


Lawang Sewu Building


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