Bakso Palang

This afternoon, the rain was pouring down when Yohana and I were in hospital. Then suddenly Yohana asked, “How about having lunch?”. After discussing in a minute, Yohana suggested ‘Bakso Palang’. “Ok, lets try it!” I said.

This is my first time going to Bakso Palang and it’s not disappointing. It is a small place but it has many customers. Maybe it is because of the price and the good taste of the meatballs. For a bowl of meatballs, you just spend Rp7.000! Quite cheap, isn’t it?


Bakso Kosongan

In the menu, you can choose Bakso Komplit, Bakso Mie, or Bakso Kosongan. Bakso Komplit consists of meatballs, noodles, and chicken intestine. Bakso Mie consists of meatballs and noodles. The last, Bakso Kosongan consists of 8 meatballs.

I ordered Bakso Kosongan. When I look at the outlook, nothing special. Then I tried the meatballs.. Hmmmm they are not bad! I ate them all, haha.


Tahu Bakso

Beside the meatballs, I also tried ‘Tahu Bakso’ and smeared it with ketchup. So yummyyyy…


If you want to try Bakso Palang, you can find it at Jalan Merak (Palang-Salatiga). It is in the left side of the road after passing Disnaker Salatiga.


Bakso Bogor


For additional information of Bakso, there are so many different kinds of Bakso outlook in many towns in Indonesia. For example, the picture below is a picture of Bakso in Bogor, Jawa Barat. What makes it different is that it has sprouts on it. In other place, you will not find any sprouts in Bakso in Jawa Tengah. See? Different place, different outlook, and different taste.




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