Lapo “Pasu-Pasu”

BSD city, here I am now! The 15-hours journey by bus is completely tiring, but still I am so excited to have my new year holiday in Jakarta. 😀 After arriving at my uncle’s house, I did slept well for some hours recharging my energy (haha!).

In the evening, I went to a restaurant named “Lapo ‘Pasu Pasu'” located in Jln. Raya Serpong BSD, Tangerang. Lapo Pasu Pasu is a Batak Indonesian restaurant. Its main menu is pork, but you can also find chicken or fish food if you dislike pork.

All is about pork!


There are some kinds of pork menu that I tried; grilled pork, fried pork, saksang, and soup. I like the fried pork the most. It is really crunchy in my mouth.

A portion of pork menu costs Rp28.000 approximately.





Grilled pork and its sauce.

They are so delicious, but the sauce. The first time I tasted the sauce, it was so strange. I asked my uncle what it was made of, and he answered, “It’s made of the pork blood”.

And I made a face.


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