IDP Exhibition

Last Monday, bu Indi who was my lecturer when I was in university sent me a forwarded e-mail. The email contained an e-invitation of IDP Exhibition in Jogja which was held in The Phoenix Hotel (Yogyakarta) on January 16 at 1.30 – 6.00 pm. The event was open to the public and free.

What made me interested in attending the event was IELTS explanation and simulation session. BINGO! Since I plan to have an IELTS test soon, I absolutely have to come. Moreover, I am unemployed now so at that time I thought attending the event was better than just sitting around at my house. LOL! :p

Finally, I decided to go to Jogja attending the event. I went there by riding my motorcycle alone. Fyi, that was my first time riding a motorcycle going outside of my town. It took only 1,5 hours at noon to arrive Jogja. Whoaaa it’s faster than going by car.

I entered the Phoenix hotel and saw many people in the registration line. After completing the registration, the ballroom door was opened. When I got in the ballroom, there were 12 Australian universities representatives approximately. We could ask the representatives directly about studying at their university. So interesting that I visited some of their stands. One of my favorite visit is when I talked with the University of Western Australia representative. I got some valued lessons of getting smart in applying an ADS AusAID. 😀

One hour later, the seminar conducted by the Griffith university was started. The seminar talked about how to make an interesting research in PhD. Although I was not intended to pursue PhD, but I got pretty good useful information there. One of the important information that I noted is that before applying for PhD, we have to be entitled as Master of honors which that means we have to be graduated from master of research. That’s why those who are graduated from master of coursework have to take one initial semester for studying 2 additional subjects. Well, it will be my precaution before applying a master program then hehe. Another important information is the helpful way to get a supervisor. A supervisor usually puts a lot of interest in a research that will give a big contribution in many disciplines.  So try to make a multi-disciplines research proposal.

The next session after the seminar was the IELTS simulation. The session that I wanted the most! The IDP staff started his session by explaining the differences between IELTS and TOEFL IBT test. After that, he continued beginning the simulation. There were a lot of sample questions and tips given. The result of my simulation was not really good, specially in listening test. I thought my listening skill was obviously poor indeed. In another test such writing and speaking test, the staff gave us some advice. For example for writing test, we have to focus on content, grammar, vocabulary, and the organisation of the passages. And for speaking test, there are some points to be concerned: fluency, vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation.

Whoaaa attending this event was completely a benefit for me. There were so many interesting useful information that I got!

As all of the session of the event ended, it was time for me to go home. The journey home was really tiring. I had a motorcycle ride at night alone on the road with so many holes where there were no street lamps beside the road. It was so tiring but it’s worth the benefit of attending the event. 🙂


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