obsessed01Fun day today! After playing basketball with friends, I watched a movie in very cozy weather.

Obsessed is a drama movie, released in 2009 and directed by Steve Shill. This movie mainly stars Idris Elba (as Derek Charles), Beyonce Knowles (as Sharon), and Ali Larter (as Lisa Sheridan). If you think this movie is gonna tell you about a triangle love, yes you’re right! But what makes it be different from another triangle-love-dramas is that a “special” character in the movie, psycho.

Derek is a successful executive vice president who has a happy family with Sharon and Kyle. His perfect life changes worse when he meets Lisa, a new temp in his office. Lisa falls in love with Derek although she knows he is a married man. She always tries to approach him starting from getting all information about him until stalking him in some places then flirting him to have sex with her (She is a kind of psycho, I think). Derek keeps rejecting her, but no matter how hard he rejects her, she always comes back. Derek does not tell Sharon, his wife, about the seducement until Sharon gets misunderstanding that she suspects Derek and Lisa have an affair.

After being separated for three months, Derek finally can fix his relationship with Sharon. But when it just gets started, Lisa appears again by coming to Derek’s house to hide Kyle and to mess Derek’s bed room. Her appearance make Derek and Sharon annoyed so that they set up a home alarm system. Unfortunately, Sharon forgot to set the alarm system when she goes to her parent’s house. She turns back to the house and recognizes someone breaks into the house. And yes, the one who breaks in is Lisa. Then they have a hard fight in the house. In the office, Derek feels something wrong in the house because Sharon does not pick up her phone. He briefly goes home and calls detective Reese when he knows that Sharon and Lisa are in the house. The fighting eventually ends as Lisa dies.

This movie has a good ending but it also raises my disappointment to some parts. I expected this movie to tell me about the life side of Lisa like why is she so obsessed with Derek? Does she have mentally ill background (cause I don’t think a normal woman will do that)? Well at least I grab some important advice from this movie (in family matter). First, be honest at anytime and at any circumstances cause it will help the couple to avoid the misunderstanding at each other. Second, always be aware of psycho people!


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