Kopeng & Gedong Songo

Hello, world!

This time I traveled to some regions near my hometown, Salatiga. Going with my mom and my homestay guests from Singapore, we visited Kopeng, Ketep, Bandungan, and Ambarawa in a day! Yeah, I made my day. Hahaha

What a fresh strawberry!

What a fresh strawberry!



On our way to Ketep, we visited “Kebun Strawberry” in Kopeng. You can pick the strawberry and put them into a container given by the shop. After picking them, the strawberries will be scaled to know how much we have to pay for them. Near the strawberry area, you can also see the cabbage and corn planting.





We scale the strawberry after picking them.

We scale the strawberry after picking them.

Cabbage planting.

Cabbage planting.













Fresh air and all you see is green. I really recommend this place for people who look for a place far away from city bustle, hehe..

My  homestay guests, Pak David and Mas Ivo.

My homestay guests, Pak David and Mas Ivo.


Our next stop was Ketep Pass. From this place, we can see two neighbor mountains (Merbabu and Merapi) in a great view. The ticket is really cheap, Rp7.500 for local tourist and $3 for foreigner, and additional ticket to enter the museum and the theater. Actually we wanted to watch Merapi eruption documentation in the theater, but it had to be at least 10 persons to watch. Not enough persons to watch so we couldn’t see the movie. 😦


"Silent hill" hahaha

“Silent hill” hahaha



After being satisfied by the breathtaking view, we turned back to Kopeng. We went to the recreational park. The ticket is quite expensive, Rp10.000,00/person to see nothing (-__-“). This place was popular when i was a child, but after years, it is not interesting anymore. My mom bought some plants there.

A woman is carrying her oranges.

A woman is carrying her tomatoes.










The first temple of Gedong Songo

The first temple of Gedong Songo

Continuing our trip, we headed to Bandungan to visit Gedong Songo temple. There are 9 temples in different areas in Gedong Songo. If you feel it is tiring to visit, don’t worry you can ride a horse to travel those temples, like my homestay guest did. 😀 It costs Rp75.000,00 for a ride.

Riding a horse.

Riding a horse.










The last place we visited was Goa Maria Ambarawa. It is a place to pray for Catholic people but many non-Catholic people visit this place because of its park. The park is so beautiful. *Sorry I can’t provide the pictures because I ran out the battery 😦 A lesson for me to bring a powerbank everywhere I go.

And that’s my travel story this week! Hopefully you have a great travel this week too 😀

Greeting from Kebun Strawberry.

Greeting from Kebun Strawberry.


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