Hello, Oz!

Woohoooo…!!!! Hello, Oz!

I’m so happy to adventure this country since it’s my first time travelling abroad. Thanks to my uncle and auntie for sharing their house in Melbourne with me. Hahaha…

1. Work and Holiday Visa (subclass 462)

I have been granted this visa to go to Oz. It’s a great opportunity for young people in Indonesia to adventure the Oz life. You can check out the information here -> http://www.immi.gov.au/Visas/Pages/462.aspx. The visa lets you travel and work in Oz with some conditions. It’s a perfect visa for you who like to adventure a new world.

2. Transit at Changi


Ready to start the journey! I chose Jetstar flight because the price was good for a backpacker like me. 😀 Having a connecting flight at Changi, I had to wait for 8 hours there. Bored? Completely no! Haha.. It went fast because I spent time walking around in terminal 2 and taking a Free Singapore Tour. This airport is just like a mall, I say. Many shops around you! Trust me, you don’t even feel you’re in an airport. And Free Singapore Tour is the best option for you who have a minimum 5 hours waiting for your next flight at Changi. It has a reguler schedule and you can book a schedule which is suitable with your flight schedule. The tour took me to some famous places in Singapore. A satisfying transit time at Changi!

3. Chelsea Beach

photo (4)

A sunny day finally came out after 2 days off! Having 4 seasons in a day is a common thing in Melbourne, so when you find sun shines brightly, get you shoes and walk out! :p

The first place I wanna go was Chelsea Beach. My lecturer, bu Indi, visited this beach before and she recommended it to me. “It’s a great beach”, she said. So I decided to go to this place and yes, she’s right! The beach is so beautiful and clean.

photo (7)

photo (3)


4. Long Beach Trail


My 4th day, I walked through Long Beach Trail to Dandenong Creek Trail for 3 hours! Whoa It was a long walk, I think. But it was fun.The trail is so clean so you can walk comfortably while seeing the rivers.took an afternoon walk to look around and to memorize some streets near house.

Long Beach Trail 3


5. Parkmore Market

photo (4)

Well, I have to admit that I rarely come to market so I don’t really know the difference between Australian market and Indonesian market. :p

Today I went to Parkmore market with my uncle and auntie. It is a modern market where you can find everything you need for your house. From vegetables to shoes. My auntie said the price in the market was cheaper than the others.

Those places story are just the beginning of my “bolang” adventure in Oz. The new upcoming adventure will be posted soon !!! So see you 😀

photo (2)

*A warm greeting from Chelsea Beach*


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