Lagoon Pier (Port Melbourne Beach)

Hello, St Kilda!

photo (7)


Today I went to St. Kilda with my auntie to deliver a cake there. Her cakes are always the best cake I’ve ever seen, guys! You may see the cakes in her facebook page

For me St. Kilda looks like Los Angeles. Well.. I’ve never been in LA but from what I’ve seen on movies, the looks are just the same. :p



photo (6)




Lucky it’s a sunny day with 23 celsius degree so after delivering the cake, we visited Lagoon Pier (Port Melbourne Beach). Wow, the beach is so beautiful as Chelsea Beach. I saw many people walking on the beach trail, swimming, and also sunbathing there.




photo (2)

photo (4)


“Take me to Tasmania, please” the bird said. :p




photo (1)



In the mid of journey home, I saw a police bus beside the road. My auntie said they would stop cars randomly and test the driver’s breath to see whether they were drunk or not. So if the device indicates alcohol, the driver will be required to do blood test. Hmmm.. interestin




I love this sunny day! 

photo (5)*Hot greeting from Lagoon Pier!

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